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Hospitality and Front of House Management.

Hospitality and Front of House Management:

It is important to understand the basics of hospitality and front of house management when opening or running a restaurant. From the initial welcome to the farewell, each guest within your establishment needs to feel they are special. As restaurateurs we know the importance of good customer service, it could be as simple as knowing your guests drink or addressing them by their name.

Front of house play a big part in any restaurant just as much as an organised kitchen. You can be serving the best food in the world but if your front of house staff are poorly trained and inattentive your guests experience will reflect this, therefore having a knock-on effect on customer retention, profits and reputation.

Some of the ways how we can help:

• Front of house training for all customer facing staff.

• Regular staff reviews to help build motivation & confidence.

• Help to build communication & relationships between front of house & back of house staff.

• Helping ensure staff understand menus, ingredients & your business goals.

• Assist on maintaining customer satisfaction and retention.

What people say about us:

We chose Fusion because the level of care and customer service was second to none. Their attentive thought process helped us through some tough times when we thought there was no alternative other than closing. With their help we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Carole and Pedro Sanchez

Many thanks to you and your team for making my business opening go smoothly. Your calm attitude and flexibility was reassuring and much appreciated at a stressful time.

Anna Bell

Thank you for helping to create what is now known as a ‘Food Hot Spot’. The idea was perfect and the organization was smooth and faultless. Your attention to detail throughout the process was superb and you took all concerns and stress away from us.

Rita & Michael Jones

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