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Menu Layout and Design.

Menu Layout and Design:

In any restaurant, coffee shop or eating establishment menu layout and design has a vital role to play. A carefully thought out layout and design will not only help your diners experience but will also connect with them. The menu should be easy to read and the ingredients should compliment each other.

Making sure that your menu fits within the concept or theme of your restaurant is extremely important. Over the years we have created and designed lots of menus, so we can help you identify the keys areas of your menu design to enhance your business.

Some of the ways we can help:

• Creating a menu design and layout that is uncomplicated for your guests.

• Menu prices and costings to maximise gross profit.

• Research into suppliers costs and local competitors to maximise potential profits.

• Assisting with menu structure to help your chef’s and kitchen staff’s processes.

• Allergen awareness ensuring staff understand it’s importance in safeguarding your restaurant.

What people say about us:

We chose Fusion because the level of care and customer service was second to none. Their attentive thought process helped us through some tough times when we thought there was no alternative other than closing. With their help we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Carole and Pedro Sanchez

Many thanks to you and your team for making my business opening go smoothly. Your calm attitude and flexibility was reassuring and much appreciated at a stressful time.

Anna Bell

Thank you for helping to create what is now known as a ‘Food Hot Spot’. The idea was perfect and the organization was smooth and faultless. Your attention to detail throughout the process was superb and you took all concerns and stress away from us.

Rita & Michael Jones

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